NASA Virtual Reality

The people at Nasa have always been very advanced when it comes to virtual reality, it is on of the best ways for them to prepare there astronauts, so it’s no surprise. With the amount of money going into there research it is amazing what is getting done. I read a very interesting article and watched a couple minute video on what they are using now a days and it is very interesting. I could see this technology eventually being put towards things like video games as well. Once this technology becomes more advanced and cheaper to produce the possibilities are endless with what this could do.

You can see it here.

Billy Pritchardthorpe


One thought on “NASA Virtual Reality

  1. This is a really cool and interesting article! I think about the hand “exoglove” article I posted a while back and I feel it’s really cool that there are these cool ways to prepare for space. I also remember people talking about realistic the movie Interstellar is and how it has been verified to be accurate by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I also feel we can always improve our research about space and what it’s like out there. It really is a whole new world out there and to see what these astronauts are doing to prepare for going into space is really cool and interesting!

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