The Graphic street artist: Eduardo Kobra

Hey guys! I think this is my last post for the semester!

I found out about this amazing street artist Eduardo Kobra who does inspiring installations of murals on the streets of world wide cities in Poland, Sweden, Italy, etc. These pieces are huge and takes a lot of work because they require a lift to paint such huge walls.


His color spectrum makes him such a innovating graphic artist while taking his pieces to a whole new level by installing them into the streets of famous cities. He grew up as a struggling artist living in a poor neighborhood in San Paulo and decided to join a graffiti crew instead. As an artist, he is so inspiring because he was always told to get a “regular” job to earn money instead of “wasting” his time doing street art. This motivated him to continue his work to prove them wrong and ended up becoming a famous traveling artist where people would stop to watch him install his pieces and news networks would interview him about it.

You guys out there who believe in your work and people are telling you otherwise, check this wonderful artist out!

His website is HERE

Go to (the video is in portuguese so just put subtitles on and change setting to english translation)

What do you guys think? How does creating a mural affect the people surrounding the piece?


2 thoughts on “The Graphic street artist: Eduardo Kobra

  1. I personally enjoy street art. I live in a city and I think it is a great way for people to show their talents. Actually completing work like this really shows dedication and that the artist has a true passion, which is very important. I’m sure that there are people out there who have negative opinions about it, but I guess it really just depends on the subject the artist is communicating about. Overall, I think it is something that enhances a city because it makes it brighter and a little bit more inviting. Having plain brick walls or gray walls does it get a little boring to look at each day so this is definitely very refreshing.

  2. I also really love street art. I think that when street artists can make a successful piece with effective subject matter, composition, and location, their work can evoke an important message or emotion. The pieces by this artist are great because they’re aesthetically pleasing and like so many other works of street art, they brighten up their surroundings. I also think that street art is being put into more consideration than just graffiti with big artists like Banksy. Personally, I would like to see more street art like this.

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