6 Brands that are Dominating Instagram

Hey, it’s Paige.

Because Instagram is so popular, I found this website showing the largest brand-name accounts on Instagram. Are you following any?


2 thoughts on “6 Brands that are Dominating Instagram

  1. It’s really amazing how social media is used now to help companies advertise and spread the word about their brand. So many people are using Instagram, even my grandma has an account. Instagram also has features that allow companies to get their account noticed. With some of the new updates, Instagram allows you to see popular pages or popular images, and even suggests pages to follow based off of what you like! This is a really helpful way of PR for companies like Starbucks or other clothing brands. I also think it’s cool how diverse each of these top six brands are. The Starbucks page will definitely attract different followers than the National Geographic page! Just goes to show how the app is appealing to a wide range of users.

  2. I immediately read this article when I saw your feature photo because Instagram is by far my favorite of all the social medias. As artists we love looking and visuals (obviously) and I feel like Instagram is a mindless way for us to look at new things every day. I also think it’s a great cite to post personal artwork on because it’s really easy to advertise and make yourself more “Instagram famous” if you put the effort in. When I looked that the brands that are dominating on Instagram, the only one I wasn’t shocked by was Starbucks because my friend is obsessed with Starbucks and always flipping through their page. I personally don’t follow any of these accounts but I will now. Super excited to see Timberland in the top 6. Maybe I can convince my dad to get an Instagram now.

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