Preordering Your Starbucks on Your Phone

Preordering AND prepaying for your Starbucks in advance?

Yes, it’s true.  Starbucks released an app where you can preorder AND pre pay for your beverage beforehand, making your starbies experience that much more enjoyable.  What’s the catch you may ask?  Well, unfortunately this app is only currently available for residents of Portland, Oregon.  It’s not fair!  You even get to customize your drink through the app, and once your order is ready you get to cut the line and pick up your drink in seconds.


Hopefully this app is successful enough to try in other cities!


Read more HERE.


One thought on “Preordering Your Starbucks on Your Phone

  1. I can definitely see an app like this going far. Also, I’m not surprised Portland is the first city available to use it. I think that preordering and reservations will soon all be a click of a button. The convenience an app like this provides will definitely be taken advantage of by all coffee lovers. I’m sure the regulars will be the first to use it in order to avoid long painful lines, alleviating the stress that comes from trying to make it to work on time. Unless everyone begins using this app and a second line appears at Starbucks, just for those who have to pick up their preordered refreshments.

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