Showing Verses Sharing your Interests

Hey, it’s Paige.

One thing that I’ve noticed more and more frequently is people’s constant need to document parts of their day to share. Not that I’m completely against the social connections people are making, but I’ve found that a lot of people don’t seem to enjoy the moments they’re in, and are simply there to share a photo or video. I found this article here that explains this idea more.


One thought on “Showing Verses Sharing your Interests

  1. I think it’s a really hard these days to fight the urge to take a picture of something interesting. We all have this instinct to pull out our phones when we see a beautiful sunset or a spontaneous rainbow in the sky. I’m not really sure if I think this is a bad thing or not. I definitely think that I see a lot of over-usage with cell phones, myself being a serious offender of this. However, I think that it is pretty amazing that we have these devices right in our pockets that can take amazing photographs. I have all my experiences and travels documented in photos on my computer from my phone and I feel so lucky to have them as memories I can keep forever. I think there is a right and wrong time to take out your cellphone, and there is definitely times when we need to learn to put them away. I do however feel that we are fortunate to have the technology available to us to let us capture important moments in our lives.

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