The Intersection of Street Art and Social Media

Hey, it’s Paige.

Here’s a really cool street artist video. She talks about how she enjoys making street art interactive and how she believes social media is an important tool when it comes to her work.


2 thoughts on “The Intersection of Street Art and Social Media

  1. I’ve always loved the way street art is able to interact with it’s surroundings. The placement or even the time of day can effect how a viewer sees the art. The artist also has no control over who sees their art, which personally that would add a whole other level of insecurities in my head. However I think it’s interesting how this particular artist recognizes the importance that social media has on street art today. If people are photographing street are and uploading it to social media platforms, the audience is then expanding endlessly. The art is not then just limited to people passing it on the street, it could be for anyone. I think that social media is an important tool for all artists, not just street artists, and it can be a really good place to get noticed.

  2. I think that this artist is how every artist should think about artwork. Not all art has to be in a gallery to be appreciated. It’s nice to know that artists are continuing to spread their ideas in a way that everyone can see it. I also enjoy the fact that this artist in particular chose to have an interacting piece. By doing so, she allowed her artwork to be transformed in the way with the viewer. From their, the hashtag was an awesome idea because it brings her artwork to social media and allows it to be linked back to her. She is allowing her ideas and work to spread freely in a positive way.

    -Evelyn Fenick

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