Your iPhone’s Ghost

In all honesty, I can’t tell if this is a real thing or not.  If it is, it’s pretty genius.  This piece of plastic is supposed to help cut your iPhone/smartphone addiction.  If you’re someone like me, you’re constantly checking your phone in a way that’s pretty much reflexive.  This “device” has the same weight, shape, and size of your iPhone.  You can carry it in your pocket or your purse as you would your real phone.

This is something I should probably buy for myself.  Read more HERE.


2 thoughts on “Your iPhone’s Ghost

  1. I really enjoy the idea of having a replication of a phone like this. Even though I can’t imagine someone actively going out of their way to buy this product for themselves, it might just be useful to stop the habit of being attached to your phone. I notice so many people consumed by their cell phone lately, that I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the future start going to support groups to overcome addiction to their phones. Anyway, if people begin to use their phones more than they do today, I don’t think this idea would fail to change their habits.

  2. This is a really good idea. Whenever I’m walking around and I leave my phone in my backpack, I’ll have a mini freak out because I forget I put it there and reach for my pockets only to feel them empty. I’m constantly checking my phone as well and this would be an interesting way to go about letting go a little bit. In reality though, I’m not sure how successful it will be because it does not look like anybody is going to cut back on their cell phone use anytime soon. Everyone I see around me is always looking down at a phone multiple times a day. It is good to know that some people are beginning to think like this though and to eliminate true addictions.

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