Last Post of the Semester #whoop

Hi there,

Even though I do not have a final or any obligation requiring me to get up this morning, for whatever reason I was wide awake bright and early and decided to get breakfast and write my blogpost of the week.

While pondering deep in thought at a table in Northwest, I began thinking back to what Jamie said about the key to being a successful artist is Netflix.

A couple weeks back when I was working on a painting I put on Dreamwork’s The Croods for some background noise.

I put on this film because the animation was so interesting to me and with a simple plot, like most children’s movies, I was able to focus on my work and still watch for a few moments here and there without being completely confused.

Check out these characters


Really cool right?

To give a quick plot, The Croods are a family of cavemen with an overly protective father. The family hunts for their food each day and makes it back into the cave each night for safety. Eventually the daughter (3 from the left) meets a boy (3 from the right) who breaks both her and her family out of their cave and into the real world by introducing them to not only fire, but life outside a cave.

Anyway’s when I started researching the animation process to blog about on this film, I somehow was randomly brought to this really cool website that is completely unrelated to the movie.

Co.Design is this awesome cite filled with futuristic technology ideas like being able to play ping pong on a screen while waiting for a cross walk, a website where you can create your own glitch art sweater, and a tutorial on how to successfully place humans on Mars.

This page is super random, but SERIOUSLY everyone go check it out becuz it’s rlly cool.



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