What is 4K?

Hey guys I just wanted to share another interesting post I found!

I remember in class, we learned about pixels and how each picture file such as a JPEG, PNG, TIF, etc. can each have a certain number of pixels. The more pixels that a picture has, the sharper and clearer it is. The less pixels that a picture has, the more blurry.

Anyways, Luke Westaway from CNET writes this article saying that a new technology has come out called 4K. The link is here.

According to Westaway, 4k refers to the resolution of an electronic display. He explains how display means a screen that could be from a computer or TV and that resolution means how many pixels are in a display.

He goes on to explain what we learned about pixels saying how they are dots that make up on screen images and that when we are able to see them individually, this shows a much higher resolution which we do like to see.

Essentially, this 4K is ultra high resolution because it refers to a resolution that has 3,840 pixels along the horizontal line and 2,160 pixels along the vertical line.

The name also comes from the horizontal line being roughly 4,000 pixels. This is apparently 4x the amount of 1080 which is already really sharp.

It’s definitely important to learn more about pixels and resolution and display in digital media but we should also be careful about what we view too. Ultra high resolution doesn’t necessarily meant the best resolution for our viewing eyes.

What do you guys think about this?


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