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AREN’T THESE COOL?! These cool illustrations are made by Japanese artist Yukio Myamoto, who has been working with Adobe Illustrator since its creation. Miyamoto uses a cool combination of blends, gradients, and the gradient mesh tool. Yukio is able to recreate the photorealism and reflective surfaces with a master’s execution. Miyamoto starts by tracing over his reference photo, and using the pen tool creates solid shapes to delineate certain areas of reflection, then fills each shape with cool variations of blending and gradient tools. Miyamoto has a published Illustrator book titled “The Adobe Illustrator Super Guide”. However, it is only available in Japanese at this time 😦 I really like this work, especially how he executes the reflective surfaces with such amazing realism and detail.


To see more of his work and lear more about his process, visit his website here:

Want to learn how to create super-realistic images like Yukio’s, using the gradient mesh and gradient tool?! Watch these cool videos!

Gradient mesh beginner’s guide:

Gradient tool guide:

Or, if you ant to read how to use gradients, go here:




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