Billy Pritchardthorpe’s Cool Trick

I am a fan of old fashioned drawing with a pencil or a pen and paper, I enjoy to have that physical piece of paper in front of me. It feels different than using electronics to draw and it’s how I started so I feel much more comfortable with that. A very cool artist named Christopher Lee uses adobe illustrator as well as a mix of photo shop to bring his paper drawings to life.


This is a quote from his website that explains a little about him. “My name is Christopher Lee and I am a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator. I’m also an avid toy collector. I grew up in Sacramento, California and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Sacramento State in 2006. I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember and for the times that I can’t recall, I have my Mom to thank for saving all of my old doodles (thanks Mom!).”


The cool trick I am going to show you guys is how to get a real life drawing into adobe illustrator and work with it and turn it into a vector image. Something Christopher Lee does a lot in his practice.

Here is an example of when work goes from paper to adobe illustrator.

16_happypony03 14_happypony






This is another good example of paper turning into adobe illustrator.

23_huggies01 24_huggies02






THIS is a great tutorial on the subject


HERE IS ANOTHER that’s another great tutorial on the subject

ENJOY! And go turn some drawings into vector images! Woohoo!


Billy Pritchardthorpe


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