Carolyn Luddy Cool Trick

Hey Guys!

I found this cool animation artist Brent Noll. Brent is the Director of Illustration and Animation at How it Works Media, and a free lance illustrator as well.

Like everyone who has ever had a fulfilling childhood, I love animated movies. To this day the majority of the shows I watch are animated because I still am a child.

Brent Noll creates these awesome characters and scenes that look like they’re straight out of a children’s book or a animated film (because they are!) Woo so cool

I’m going to just show you some of his animations to show you how cool this man is


brent brent 3 brent2 brent3

As you can see there’s a lot of shapes and what not going on here. Uniform buildings and straight lines probably used the pen tool or even shapes. I’m assuming this dude has a tablet that he probably draws on directly in illustrator and uses the pencil tool because a lot of his line work is pretty accurate you know.

He also has a pretty standard mutual color scheme in most of his animations so I’m senses the possible use of an eye dropper (just saying)

Alright, just found out that there’s a ‘perspective’ tool. So sick, and this guy definitely used that in some of his landscapes.

Check out this cool tutorial on how to use that ! Perspective Tool 

or this 

And finally, enjoy this diagram





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