Ian’s Cool Trick

Cool tricks guys cool tricks

Lets look at this cool as coolio illustrator Patrick Auletto. He will show us how he imports traditional drawings into illustrator to create cool digital paintings.


WARNING this demo has so many cool tricks your brain may spontaneously combust

Step 15 OMG WHAT? thats so cool how do we start such a cool project of coolness?



Well first we start off with a rough traditional sketch and import that into illustrator

like this! Step 1

Next we trace in the cool basic elements using the cool pen tool or the coooliest pencil tool

like this Step 2

(setting your working color layer at a lower opacity allows for you to still see the layer beneath it and the sketch itself)


Once all the basic shapes are done. You can hide the sketch layer and bring your working layers up to full opacity

this will give you a chance to play with the color and gradients as well

Step 3

Making sure that each layer has a stroke is very important.

To add a cool sense of depth use a cool gaussian filter like the piece below

(this example is around 6.5 Gaussian)

Step 4

Adding abstract transparent shapes will give the piece even more depth, especially getting some real dark shadow tones mixed in

Step 5


Using reference photos can help greatly with capturing certain qualities

For example. Auletto used many reference photos of pouring water to achieve the product below

Step 9 Step 10

The above images using vertical shifting of gradient to suggesting depth of the sky.

Adding final touches to the bottle and skulls is super cool when using cool highlight shapes that are super cool cool cool

Step 12Step 13

Step 14 This is SOOOOO cool dare I say ……..the cooliest?


Guys there’s so many cool tricks. We should all be cool and make some awesome cool illustrator paintings




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