Josh Gluck’s Cool Trick

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Wow check out this cool trick! These are some sketches by illustrator Orlando Arocena. What’s also cool? He’s from New Haven, CT! Arocena’s aesthetic uses shape drawing in Adobe Illustrator, including such tools as shape, line, arc, pen, and pencil.  So these images were made using the tools we have learned.  BUT the cool trick is in the GRADIENTS. Rather than filling his shapes with a solid color, he fills the shapes with a gradient! By adjusting the direction and colors of the gradients in each shape, Arocena builds dramatic lighting effects. Take a look at how he uses this COOL TRICK for larger illustrations! Prepare to be amazed.

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Here’s the gradient adjustment bars in this composition, followed by the finished poster…

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You can see the entire portfolio here, on Behance. There are tons of process images for every work.  This lets you see how many layers Arocena uses (A LOT!) and how the gradients change how the shapes make the image.

To see a TON of his work really easily, here’s a Google Image Search. There’s work here too.


This trick is really cool, right?  I love the way the gradients make the shapes into totally different visuals.

I tried to do this once with a poster for a Lana Del Rey contest. Didn’t win, but working in gradient shapes is a really different experience.  The effect of this cool trick really creates an atmospheric effect that can only be achieve by embracing gradients!



SO we can tell that Arocena’s trick is using the gradient tool in conjunction with shapes! Want to find out how to do that?

A little more complicated…

Here’s Abobe’s Official (Written) Explanation for Gradients 


Just go for it!






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