Katie’s Cool Trick

Buzzfeed recently released this cool article, which features a cool series of drop-cap book covers from Penguin, a really cool supercool publishing company.


The cool covers were designed by type artist, Jessica Hische and are really quite beautiful (and cool). I’m someone who’s obsessed with book covers, and I love when they are so cool, colorful and cleverly designed!

The series goes through the alphabet with a different cool book for each letter, based on the author’s last name.  The article goes in-depth on Hische’s cool design process, in which she read many possible books for each letter, and tried to tie in significantly cool events, motifs and themes to each letter to embody each story.


Here are some of my favorites from the cool collection:

longform-original-4664-1413298863-18 longform-original-7422-1413294352-3 longform-original-9708-1413295887-5 longform-original-16817-1413304049-13 longform-original-32757-1413295886-26 longform-original-27715-1413298857-13 longform-original-21429-1413302394-15 longform-original-20748-1413293158-13


This definitely looked like something one could do in Illustrator. So I did some research and here’s a pretty cool tutorial on how to create drop-cap letters in text in Illustrator!


And here‘s a cool vintage type tutorial, to go with it! Because vintage type is just cool too.



Cool right?

~Katie Loughrey


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