Louise Astorino’s Cool Trix


Create a Retro Triangular Pattern Design in Illustrator


(more info on this technique)

This cool geometric pattern is simple to make on illustrator when you follow the instructions! You can customize this to the colors you enjoy!  This is something that would be cool to print out and hang on your wall as decoration, or could come in handy when using illustrator in the future.


The online instructions I read (again, you can find those here) used the following tools:

  • Line Tool – used to create the vertical and horizontal lines which end up forming your grid. (MORE INFO ON LINE TOOL)
  • Pathfinder Tool – used to split up your lines into individual shapes. (MORE INFO ON PATHFINDER TOOL)
  • Shape Tool– used to make some color swatches to choose from; definitely useful so that you’re always grabbing the same colors! (I hope you know how to use this tool but just incase MORE INFO ON SHAPES)





Hope you have fun with this cool trick!


By Louise Astorino


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