Molly Nichols’ Cool Trick

My cool trick is adding depth to your Adobe Illustrator creations. The artist whose work I found interesting was Ben Steers and also Jeffrey Bowman. Here is a link that is Steers’ explanation on how to create images with depth. And here is a link in which Jeffrey Bowman explains his process of creating depth in Adobe Illustrator.


By: Ben Steers


I find this interesting because it is hard to make a digitally created piece of art, or any art, seem 3-D. I have always struggled with drawing and shading and therefore my lack of perception and depth creating skills carried over into my digital creations and Steers’ work shows that creating depth isn’t that hard and can create some really cool stuff!


By: Ben Steers

Both artists use opacity masks to create the 3-D effect. Opacity masks are similar to the masks we used in Photoshop. Here, you create a shape or layer and then add a gradient to it. The gradient then allows the most color of the original print to come through where it is darkest; use a black and white gradient in an opacity mask. The blackest part shows the original picture clearly while it slowly fades out to white and the grays only let slight color of the original picture through. This can be seen in the sun in Jeffrey Bowman’s work below, because half the sun is darker than the other half and the color slightly and slowly fades out.



By: Jeffrey Bowman

For a better description of how this is done check out this link and this one as well!

Hope you enjoyed!!
-Molly Nichols


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