Sara’s Cool Trick



I’m Sara and today’s cool new trick is with the artist Justin Currie. His artwork looks as if it is coming off the page and is so realistic. A lot of his artwork has to do with amazing technological robots, animals, and people. He is a interface designer and concept artist for Complex Games. His cool trick is to use the radial gradient radial used as a light bloom trick he learned to gives make edges soft and give the piece dimension. He sketches his ideas and then brings them into illustrator to create them with the pen, the radial gradient tool, shapes, and several others to give the enormous amount of detail to his artwork. His other cool trick is developed by experimentation with the pen tool called shattered vector painting.

Here’s a cool trick tutorial for radial gradients:

Here’s basically how it works. Step 1: Open a piece with a white background.

Step 2: Make a circle with the Ellipse Tool (L).

Step 3: Give the circle a radial gradient fill.

Step 4: Change one Gradient Slider from 100% Opacity to 0% Opacity.

Step 5: Now that you have a nice glow element, go crazy with it! Throw them around until you get your desired look, put it in places that light would be showing through

Step 6: Enjoy!

For the shattered vector painting:
“Now, using the basic Pen Tool, I draw a silhouette/rough blocks on top of my drawing – then using the pathfinder tool, I shatter the big pieces into hundreds of little transparent pieces and start stacking them on top of each other until I’m starting to get depth, and texture.”- Justin Currie
shattered_vector_painting_by_chasejc-d362jse (1)
Check out his profile on his Deviant Art page
Here’s some more artwork by him!
mike_boldt_by_chasingartwork-d64bc5n wip_tutorial_by_chasingartwork-d5ziymr

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