Are TIFFs compressed?




So is a TIFF compressed???


A TIFF is not compressed unless you do so on purpose. On wikipedia you can read about the compression options.




TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format!!!


“But TIF files for photo images are generally pretty large. Uncompressed TIFF files are about the same size in bytes as the image size in memory. Regardless of the novice view, this size is a plus, not a disadvantage. Large means lots of detail, and it’s a good thing. 24 bit RGB image data is 3 bytes per pixel. That is simply how large the image data is, and TIF LZW stores it with recoverable full quality in a lossless format (and again, that’s a good thing).” Here is the LINK to a good article about compression of a TIFF file.


Here is a video about saving files in TIFF format on YOUTUBE


Billy Pritchardthorpe


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