What is a larger file: a tiff or a .psd??

By Louise Astorino

So we all know that TIFFs are large files, but are they bigger than .psd files?


TIFF files are the larger files because a single TIFF file contains an embedded flattened version of the file along with the layers.  Many people use TIFF files over .psd files because TIFF files have a  long-term archival and third party compatibility.


Most of my findings have shown that TIFF files are to be a bit larger.  However, it seems that this is still somewhat controversial among the online digital community.  Some people like to save their files as .psd files because .psd files are said to be compressed with a loss-less algorithm.

Besides the question of TIFFs being larger than .psd files, one might be better off saving their files as TIFFs because TIFF files are publicly documented where PSD requires a special NDA to access the internals. As a result, tiff is a more “archival” format while losing nothing by being used.

The program Lightroom actually suggests to its users to use TIFF files, and here is a short video explaining why this is more useful. (Watch it, it’s only one minute long!)






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