Illustrator // Workspaces and Panels

Illustrator Workspace



Click here to learn about Panels and Workspaces! 


Understanding the Control Panel

Click here for info about the the Control Panel in CS6 !

Click here for more on the Control Panel!


The Appearance Panel

Click here to explore Illustrator’s Appearance panel: opacity, blending mode, stroke, and much more!


Review Layers, Groups and Stacking Order

Click here for layers and stacking order!



Artboard — Printable portion of the work area, where illustrations can be finalized.

Attributes — properties of an object that change its appearance without changing its underlying structure

Bounding Box — A temporary frame around a selected object that shows the object’s outer dimensions. Eight hollow white squares that show an object is selected

Workspace — A saved set of panel arrangements and tool settings.

More Illustrator terms here!



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