Alison Cousens

Visual Mapfollow 

The word follow has been transformed by social media. In real world terms, it means to move or travel behind as well as track someone. In social media terms, it means to track a person on a website which allows them to post content of their own.

The drawings were made by me, the conga line is from the Cyanide and Happiness comics, and the followers/ blog post screen shots are of my own blog.




Someone not from here:


Team Illustration Club:


Family (roommate): 




For my performative action, I wanted to see what people would be interested in sharing with the world. When you follow someone online usually you want to see what they would post and are interested in, so I went around filming people showing me anything they felt like sharing.


Listen to the podcast here !

I decided to work with a student from another class, Mary Rose Fiondella, on the podcast since our social media words were related. Funnily enough, we both derived our words from the social media website; so it was much easier to hold a conversation.


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