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Whether you call it a news feed, or a timeline (Hey, Twitter), a news feed is updated constantly with everyone’s daily ongoings, posts, status updates, tweets, complaining, ignorance, and news. A news feed feeds you news (aptly named); in real time however, feed means to eat, or give food to another. So yes, for my generous act I am going to feed a stranger and various people I know..which may be a bit awkward for them, but hey it’s art.

An inanimate object

photo 2

Jonathan the husky was very eager for me to feed him an apple, because dogs obviously love apples. I didn’t get much feedback though (no bark, tail wag, etc.).

A team



This is my Towers team. I work at Towers dining hall, and we’re a very tight-knit group. Jay, John, and Christine were all very eager to eat the food I was giving them and thankfully didn’t make me explain why exactly I had to take a picture of me feeding them. (Photo cred to James Huang)

A villian



This is my villain, Ryan. Ryan is one of my best friends, but we antagonize the crap out of each other. At the end of the day though, he’s still my best friend.

A stranger


This is Katie. I met Katie in the music building. I was surprised by how easily she agreed to take a selfie with a stranger while being fed a banana, but she’s a music student so I’m sure, like most art students, she’s had to do strange assignments before.

Someone you’re proud of


This is one of my best friends, Steph. Steph marched a drum corp last summer (think marching band on steroids for the entire summer, with no break). I could never do this, and  I’m extremely proud of her talent, hard work, and dedication.

Someone not from the same town as you


This is James. James is a good friend whom I work with, who happens to be from. James was hesitant to be fed by me, especially since he didn’t really like the Special K bar I was offering, but he came around.

My hero



Heroes are stereotypically people that save others. My sketchbook is my hero because whenever something goes wrong in my life, or I am going through a tough time, art always gets me through it, whether it is looking at it or making it. (Fun fact: I have a tattoo on my ankle that I designed that says “Art keeps my heart beating”).

A family member



This is Mike. Mike and I did marching band together in high school for four years, and now go to UConn together. Marching band was like my second family, and each band kid my family member. Mike also got a little weirded out by me feeding him a banana, but that may have been because he doesn’t like bananas..

A professional



This is Alison Paul, my awesome professor and academic advisor. I couldn’t actually feed her, so I settled for giving her a granola bar.

My authority figure



This is Erin, my authority figure. Erin is my color guard captain. She didn’t really understand that I had to feed her, so when I put the food up to her mouth she was like “Huh?!”. But then she understood, and ate a caramel-filled chocolate cow.

If I learned one thing from this project, it’s that people are kinda weird when it comes to their food/being fed (yes, I was denied by a few people, and Professor Paul let me hand her the food as opposed to actually feeding her).


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