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I chose the Social Media verb share for this project. It has definitely taken on a new meaning in the internet and I decided to make my performative action whispering something into another person’s ear. I chose this as my performative action because I wanted to embrace the communication aspect of sharing something on a website like Facebook versus face-to-face. I came across a lot of interesting thoughts throughout the process of my performative action. For example, how people reacted to me whispering into their ears as opposed to how they would react to me just posting and sharing something on a social media website. I learned that the verb share gives people a sense of inclusion when it comes to real time, but the verb share in social media does not have that same connotation because it is more impersonal.


Family Member

photo 9

This is my roommate since freshman year and we have become like family these past two years.

A team

photo 5

This is the staff in Wilbur Cross and I sharing secrets, but not really because I don’t know them so it was awkward and funny for all of us.

Authority Figure 


This is actually my FYE teacher from freshman year. We developed a great relationship and I come to her for advice and support.

Someone I am proud of

photo 7

I am proud of my friend because she is now working on campus!


photo 2

Cigarettes will forever be villains!


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Ana Fernandez


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