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So for the YOLO project I decided to choose the word hashtag as my social media verb. When I was younger and I thought of that symbol I just thought of it as a number sign. As social media gets more and more popular there start to be new meanings for words we used to know as something else. My visual map shows the use of the word in the context of social media in the bottom right hand corner while the top left hand corner is it’s original meaning as a number sign. I struggled with what to do with it for a while but ended up having great conversations with a lot of people about what they thought it meant to use a hashtag.


Some of the pictures I am really fond of












This is my cat Jessi, she was my villain.











This is the person I am proud of.











This is someone from a different town.











This is Family.


Check out my Podcast! I talk about the project and what a hashtag means as well as the struggles I had as well as some interactions.


By Billy Pritchardthorpe


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