Cody Oliver and James Huang


This is a visual map that describes both the Real Time and Virtual Time definitions giving some shared attributes and words that people think of when they hear the word “following”.

For our social media verb “following”, we discovered:

The Real Time definition of “following” is:

  • Coming after or as a result of.
  • A body of supporters or admirers
  • What follows or comes next.

The Virtual Time definition of “following” is:

  • If you follow a particular person through social media ( a website where people can publish remarks or pieces of media such as pictures, recordings, information, or etc), you choose to see the messages, statuses, pictures, recordings, and all other forms of media that the person posts on that website.

Cody and I helped a student named Key Yong. He is a freshman from China who went to high school in Florida before coming here. We helped carry his backpack from his dorm to the library.


Cody and I helped an older woman carry her belongings from the Co-Op to the bus stop. She is from out of town and has multiple sclerosis. We are really happy we could help her out.


Cody and I helped a professional guitarist carry his guitar from a bus stop to his dorm room.


Cody and I helped a Dean at UCONN carry his stack of papers from the Chemistry Building to a nearby parking lot.

Ground Hog

This is the groundhog that Cody and I encountered and discovered is actually a villain.

Here is our Podcast!


This is Cody and James and we want you to follow our footsteps!!!


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