Ian & Carolyn


The word “Profile” has a literal term and moving into the digital world a more abstract term. In the real world, a profile can be really anything viewed from its side angle, for example a silhouette can be the basic shape of the profile of someone’s face. A profile is also information about a person which ties us to the digital world where people post their profiles online. A virtual profile could be a Facebook page or a blog that someone creates for themselves. On a virtual profile we allow information about ourselves to be shared with the public by posting pictures, biographies, thoughts, ideas etc. that relate to us.

Our performative action was to have conversations with various people and get to learn about their “profile” get their history, learn about their interests, likes, dislikes philosophical opinions and so on. After obtaining our subjects conceptual profile we literally drew their profile as a silhouette from the side.


beatrice beatrice1

1.) Beatrice (Someone who does not live in the same town as you)

Our first subject was Beatrice. Since this project goes between real world and virtual concepts I thought it would be fitting to use a range of social media to obtain information. Randomly using chat roulette I met Beatrice. She is from Romania and after exchanging Facebook information I was able to talk to her and get a conceptual profile. – Ian

bo bo1

2.) Bo (Stranger)

Bo is someone who was introduced to me and my roommates by a friend. He was more then happy to help with our project. – Ian

brian brian1


3.) Brian (Professional)

Brian works so efficiently everyday at South Dining Hall

buddha buddha1

4.) Buddha Statue (Inanimate object)

Something non human

carolyn carolyn1

5.) Carolyn (Villain)

Carolyn’s superior art skills fill her peers with envy – Ian


dan dan1

6.) Dan (Team)

Dan is the Historian of the Japanese Students Association of Uconn – Ian

ian ian1

Ian is such a talented art student, pushing the peers around him to make great artwork- Carolyn

7.) Ian (Hero)

margaret margaret1

8.) Margaret (The Family Member)

Margaret is carolyn’s awesome, loving mother- Ian

spino spino1

9.) Spino (The Authority Figure)

He is the eldest of the friend group and he is looked up to by his friends- Ian

steve steve1

10.) Steve (Proud of)

Steve has gone through a rough transition throughout his pre-pharmacy career and I am proud of his hard work and tenacity -Ian



\(‘-‘ )/  Behold! our awesome PODCAST!!!!!!



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