Josh Gluck


Visual Map and Performative Action “Yolo” Project


Here’s my visual map for the word “share.” On top are the virtual connotations of the word, dealing with social media and file sharing.  The bottom deals with real world sharing, like sharing your belongings or responsibilities. The words are connected across the center to show that there are many connections between each half. I though the most interesting difference was that in real life, you share something that belongs to you, while online you share something you find. Otherwise sharing is pretty similar across the board.


So as my action to share in real life, I picked up a bag of apples and shared the apples with the people I met. We took some photos, and now I am sharing the experience online. The people I met were generally happy and surprised to get a free apple, and it was neat talking to different sorts of people.  The photos below are TEAM (a study group at the Union), NONHUMAN (a cow), HERO (a very helpful study abroad officer), PROFESSIONAL (see podcast), PROUD OF (Rainbow Center), STRANGER, and AUTHORITY (Union theater ticket officer). Some of these have some interesting stories behind them, so check out the podcast to find out how it all went!




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