Kellie Pcolar

Hi guys it’s Kellie—

The word I focused on for my project was “troll.” Both the real time definition and the virtual time definition of a troll have very negative connotations associated with them.

In real time, a troll is a dwarf or giant-like creature in Scandinavian folklore. It is said that although trolls are malicious and aim to cause mischief, they are generally stupid. Any human with courage and presence of mind can outwit a troll. Storybook trolls are usually seen as villains aiming to harm others.

In virtual time, trolls are not dwarves or giants—but they are not very different than real time trolls. They are humans—equally as unfriendly—and totally disregard sensitivities in others. Their goal is to stimulate grief or outrage in the online community, posting controversial statements with the aim of starting arguments. Sometimes, trolls simply post things that are nonsensical and completely unrelated for the sole purpose of annoying and pestering online readers. Internet trolls generally disrupt the online community for their own pleasure. Dark personality traits are associated with these types of people (i.e. sadism and psychopathy).

Troll Map

The goal of the project was to introduce the meaning of our chosen word in a new way. Since “troll” is such a negative term meaning nothing less than somebody who bothers others and causes them grief, I decided to flip the definition around. I became the good troll.

Instead of trolling others with negative comments, I decided to write, what I call, “not-poems” for individuals. These are not traditional poems, they do not rhyme and some of them do not make much sense. I tried to channel the type of troll that is nonsensical, however I did not aim to bother others with my not-poems. My goal was, like a troll, to cause an emotional response. I aimed to make others smile and even laugh at what I gave to them. Here are my creations:

GEN10  GEN9 GEN8  GEN7  GEN6  GEN5 GEN4  GEN3 GEN2  Not-Poems


Listen to my podcast to learn more about my experience with the project! I had a lot of fun making these.


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