Molly Nichols


My visual map is about the word ‘comment.’ I chose this word because it is so easy for people to share their insights’ online, yet less easy for them to do this in person. It is also easy for people to be mean online, when they should be leaving positive comments, they write something mean and hurtful. Comment’s real definition is a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction and it’s virtual time definition is to leave a post in response to someone else’s in words, pictures, and/or emojis.


This photo shows me complimenting an authority figure. My authority figure was my RA, and she was very happy to hear how much I appreciated the lovely bulletin boards she creates for us!


This photo is me complimenting someone who does not live in the same town as I do. She is a commuter, but always hangs out in my dorm, so when I told her how much I enjoyed her company, she embraced me.


This photo is me complimenting a stranger. I ran into the hallway of my dorm when I heard someone on the stairs and when I saw it was not someone I knew, I stopped them. They said this interaction ‘made their day.’


This is the villian. He does not look mean, but he steals too much food from the dining hall and has some cookies hidden in his pocket in this picture. I don’t know what’s more villianous about him; the fact that he steals so much food or the fact that he eats all of it and is still skinny!!


She is a professional gymnast. She loves to do flips, handstands, and cartwheels all the time and is so good at them! As you can see, she was very happy to have me compliment her on her skills.


Now you should go and listen to my podcast, here, for more details about some of my interactions!


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