Olivia Goldstein


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So the word Follow has a completely different meaning in real than when used online. Following someone online is usually considered a positive thing, and can be used as a sort on online status symbol on certain websites. For example, blogs on Tumblr can be considered popular or unpopular based on how many followers it has. But in real life following someone or something can be considered both negative or positive. It could be associated with religious followings or even following of the stalker variety. Or it could simply be something like “following up” on someone, seeing how they’re doing or what their up to.

Regardless, its online meaning and its meaning in real life rarely intersect, and as a whole is completely different.


Performative Action

For my action I decided to “Follow Up” on people by asking them two questions: “How are you?” and “What have you been up to today?”

A Family Member

For my family member I did my mom. An obvious choice because I see here every day.

I asked her “How are you?”

Mom: “…Fine.”

“What have you been up to today?”

Mom: “I have been good, I went to the gym and then came in to work….and worked. And I worked helping students. Then I had lunch with my daughter. Whom I love very much.”


Something Nonhuman


I did my friends cat Margot. Because she is straight up adorable.


“How are you?”

Margot: *she jumps out of my arms*

“What have you been doing today?

Margot: *She sniffs my sketchbook*



A stranger

I asked a stranger who’s name is Shannon


“How are you?”

Shannon: “Good, how are you?”

“What have you been up to today?”

Shannon: “Going to class, eating some food.”


Someone you proud of

I asked my friend Krystal.


“How are you?”

Krystal: “Really? How are you? Don’t write that! I’m tired. What are you writing? I hate you. Stoooop. *groans*

“What have you been up to today?”

Krystal: “What? I went to the park with my boyfriend and his Dalmatian.”


Someone who doesn’t live in the same town as you

I live in Lebanon so I asked my friend Kim who lives in Columbia

“How are you?”

Kim: “Fine”

“What have you been up to today?”

Kim: “Class.”

“Is that it?”

Kim: “Yeah.”




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