Professor Uretsky

Visual Mapping
Students will select a Social Media Verb and will be asked to create a visual map that should expand the definition of their Verb through a combination of text and images.

Performative Actions
Using their maps as a point of departure, students will then think of a social exchange that will occur in real time. The social exchange performed will be an action that represents the multiple meanings of the student’s Social Media Verb.

My social media verb is like. When I think of what I am expressing when I like something on facebook  I imagine myself responding positively to something someone has posted, said or done. For me, to like something is to acknowledge a particular person’s actions. I wanted to emulate that sort of acknowledgement in real time by giving people Ninja Power Headbands. These headbands are intended to recognize and positively reinforce the recipient — and of course, give them superhuman powers!

A family member

I went to graduate school with these ladies, and in those two years they truly became my east coast family!

A Team


An amazing Irish Dance team based out of Cranston, RI.


The final portion of this project is a podcast created by the students about their experience performing generous actions on the assigned individuals.

Click here to listen to Professor Uretsky’s Podcast!


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