Sara Georgas

Hey it’s Sara again,

Visual Mapping

My project revolves around the word “pin” from Pinterest that allows people to post images and quotes on to the site. The one thing that is important for this social media term is that it brings people with shared interests together to create feeling and inspiration.

social media project2

Performative Actions

The word “pin” in context of the internet means to take an image from a blog or page and share it with others on your profile in Pinterest. The categories of images range from quotes, funny memes, meaningful stories, and cool recipes. In real life, people mostly use pins to post pictures in their dorms on cork boards or notes of things to do. I decided to use the observations you of others on Pinterest in real life by giving people positive messages about them that I have noticed. It definitely was challenging but made me learn from my experiences.

This relates to random acts of kindness where you make someones day by sharing kindness. These people were appreciated for how amazing they are and that’s something that needs to be done more often today. One simple thing can make anyones day and even make a huge difference for a complete stranger.

Photo on 9-9-14 at 7.36 PM

My mom’s Reaction:

mom & sara

DSC_0174    IMG_0721

IMG_0718    IMG_0712



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