Louise A & Paige K

Following People in Real Life

by Louise Astorino and Paige Kibby


To Follow

So what does that word really mean? Well, when you “follow” someone online (such as on Instagram or Twitter) you gain information about that person.  You are given access to that person’s personal posts, weather it be pictures, updates on their life, or just things they’re loving- you get to see it all.  You choose to follow that person for a reason.  Why though?  What is it about that person that makes you click that button to follow.

We tried to understand what we found interesting about someone at a first glance.  In a way, we decided to follow that person, but in real life.  We decided to write down three things on a sticky note about our chosen target, explaining what about that person made us want to “follow” them.  We then gave these people their sticky notes, and photographed these moments.  After each person, we wrote down the experience in our notebook, along with a copy of the sticky note they received.  Here are a couple of our findings!



IMG_5039louise6 1



Many of the people we approached were somewhat confused at first, however many of the were left with smiles once they read what we wrote!  All in all this was an interesting experience and we are happy that we got the opportunity to try something like this out.  It really goes to show how different an action on the internet can be versus how it is in real life.

For more information on our project, listen to our podcast here


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