How To Create Vintage Vector Textures

This website gives a tutorial of how to give illustrations a retro appearance. Ben Steers gives advice on techniques on Illustrator of how to make graphics look as if they are 50’s and 60’s illustrations and animations.art185tutillus615_original


One of the things I like best about this trick is that you can create your own drawings, scan them in, and give them this effect using Illustrator.

Tools You Will Use:

– Pen Tool: You start this trick off by tracing your scanned drawing with the pen tool (ADDITIONAL PEN TOOL INFORMATION)

– Strokes: This is an effect to add to the outlines of certain lines created by the pen tool (ADDITIONAL STROKE INFORMATION)

– Align Tool: You can create texture by making a series of dots using this tool (ADDITIONAL ALIGN TOOL INFORMATION)



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