The “iPhone 6”

Good evening everybody!

Obviously we all are aware that the iPhone 6 was recently released on the market and is clearly a very hot item. The iPhone 6 is something I personally am waiting to get once my upgrade is ready so I’ve been doing research online, looking up what new feature this phone has to offer. Some of the cool things the iPhone now has to offer is

  • a retina display screen
  • a fitness tracker that measures your activity during the day
  • a new exposure control in iOS 8 for taking photos
  • more advanced video capability
  • slow motion video at 240 frames per second
  • time lapse mode (very cool!)
  • apple pay (meaning you can now purchase things with your phone with 1 touch!! <this is crazy )

Here is an actual picture of the iPhone 6, it comes in three sizes and has a more rounded appearance compared to the 5 and the 5s


WOW, it is insane how far Apple has come with it’s technology in the past few years alone.

Getting back to the assignment, how does all of this connect back to digital media?

While researching the iPhone 6, I came across some videos that were released of what the iPhone 6 was suppose to bring to the table before the design was actually announced. What I came across was a lot of made up promised technologies that the phone doesn’t actually support. Like for example, this video that shows the 6 having Hologram capabilities.

This video is a man showing us an “actual off the assembly line” iPhone 6 with Sapphire Crystal Glass display. This display is supposedly “knife proof” (no screen protector needed here)

Unfortunately, the “iPhone 6” in this video ^^ looks nothing like the actual iPhone 6.



Technology has too many capabilities and some people have too much time on their hands.

Yours truly,



3 thoughts on “The “iPhone 6”

  1. This post brought up a few good topics to talk about. For one, I highly agree with your statement saying to never trust anything you see on the internet. And this doesn’t just go along with new products from Apple either. It can be said for pretty much anything on the internet now a days. People create fake profiles on FaceBook, etc… random people can add random “facts” into posts on Wikipedia, and people are always telling about what they think may happen with certain products and what not. I also was looking into the iPhone 6 for a while, and as you said, what they came out with as a finished product was radically different from all the prototypes that were shown and all the hopes for what it could be. I was suprised to see that in reality it isn’t all that different from the 5 or 5s, and Apple seems to be taking a lot of the features that Android has been using for a while and calling them new and amazing on their products. Plus, the iPhone 6 plus is bending on most people? I thought that was pretty interesting.

  2. This is a great example of people passing off different things on the internet that don’t actually exist (or can’t exist). It’s not just with technology either, as codyoliver2014 pointed out. With digital media’s rapid progression and sophistication, anything can be made to look believable/passable, and it’s very hard to tell what is real and what isn’t nowadays. I personally tend to not believe the images I see on the internet unless it becomes something “official”. Digital media is capable of anything and everything, and there are so many people out there willing to soak it up.

    Also, I thought the whole iPhone 6 thing was absolutely hilarious. They were so focused on making it even thinner than they didn’t even contemplate the fact that pants are getting tighter and the structure just wouldn’t hold up. Apple thinks of everything except that, apparently.

  3. First off I just need to say they better come out with hologram capabilities for my phone soon, I want to recreate that scene from Starwars “Obi wan Kenobi, youre my only hope”.
    But seriously, I want to chime in on the subject of internet hoaxes and stuff because it has become absurdly present in contemporary media. Im glad Carolyn brings this up because I was just having a conversation about this today with people. I truly beleive our generation has become either naive or extremely gullible maybe both, but we seem to continually share tons of things we see on the internet and just instantly beleive them. I guess this is the result of being so streamlined and shortened in our information that we become privy to daily things through a single title phrase, single photo, and thats it. To think how powerful a doctored photo can be in these terms is insane. And with a few clicks here and there, a layer or two and a fauxtograph (lol get it) can change the zeitgeist in mere seconds.

    Btw. The see through iphone picture was the coolest thing to me for the first few seconds I saw it before I realized the physical impossibility of it.
    Damn you, photoshop

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