Bilo Hussein, Takes Portraits of Women Far From Home


Hey you guys its Carlos D.

So I came across this article during the summer, and I felt that it would be a good idea to post, since we are learning about images, juxtaposing, and building from ones perspective.

The following series of photographs are titled “Never Home” these photograph women, living in New York City whom come from different parts of the world and even just in the U.S. Hussein carefully planned out and did research on which women she wanted to shot, she had to speak to a lot of different women. Interview them and get to know their background information.

I asked them if they felt now belonged here, if they considered it home, and if they still missed they place they’d come from. In asking these questions I discovered our commonalities as women, regardless of origin.

Once she was able to do that, she took her knowledge of New York City things that she is accustomed to now and placed them inside of the women, showing them what their home was now. In some of the photos you see different background representing their cultures, or just even patterns that brought some type of feeling and emotion to home.

These “internal” images are meant represent the process of coming to accept a new culture as one’s own, which I myself am slowly doing.

I feel that its hard to really know where your home is, the way these images are taken just show how vulnerable as man or woman you can be. Their portraits show who they are as women. The other images she placed within these images show how just different the feeling of hat original picture. It shows  what they are trying to say. Most important what Bilo was trying to say about herself.

These images are created digitally and brought into photoshop in my guess and worked with on there. So my question to you guys is …

  • Do you think that taking three images and placing it in one brings more feeling to the viewer or not? Why or Why not

Article Click Here

Bilo Hussein Stunning Photography Click Here


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